Gibbs Laidler Consultancy Services

Retained Insurance Consultancy

Following the successful outcomes which we achieved when with assisting with tender management projects, our clients often returned for advice and assistance with insurance and risk issues. In response to this demand, we created a retained service package that gives you full access to our specialist knowledge, additional bespoke services (see below), and full support with future renewals.

The vast majority of our tender clients go on to reap the benefits of accessing the skills and experience of Gibbs Laidler on a long term retained basis, with some client relationships lasting for over a decade. For further information on our retained services, and an idea of fees, contact Jeff Laidler via and Jeremy Flint via

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Tender Management

Gibbs Laidler has 27 years managing efficient and compliant tender processes for our Social Housing clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients get the most appropriate insurance cover, at the best price. We do so by offering our clients extensive support throughout the tender process.

The Gibbs Laidler team are well versed at producing tender documentation and information to meet the intricacies of Public Contract Regulations.

Whether it be working with your insurance, finance, or procurement team, we encourage a collaborative relationship to get the best result for each housing association.

For further information contact Jeff Laidler via and Jeremy Flint via

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Strategic Direction

Each service programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual housing association we work with - this may be advising on specific projects and ventures. or analysing your stock and benchmarking of covers.

Due to the diverse nature of the industry and the work we undertake, we offer a range of additional services completely tailored to the need of each individual client. Services available include reporting, risk review, project management and much more, some examples are listed below. We also regularly share briefing documents offering expertise on arising insurance related matters, from liability limits, volunteers using own cars and insurer ratings to development risks and Directors and Officers liability.

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Additional Services

Alongside our core services, Gibbs Laidler provides the additional services listed below. These enable us to provide a tailored approach to our clients, depending on each client's specific requirements.

Reporting and Programme Analysis:

  • Benchmarking: We advise on a wide range of potential risks not generally offered by the main cover insurance providers.
  • Board Report: Provision of an annual board report based on the Insurers/broker's Renewal proposals and any additional activity worthy of comment.
  • Operational Insurance Guide: We provide both a claims and insurance procedure guide.
  • Risk Map Insurance Guide: Provision of a report that links your strategic risk map with the Insurance programme in place, identifying insurable and uninsurable risks.
  • Claims Analysis:Provision of reports tailored to your own data and specific trends for you and peers, in respect of peril, profile and geographic area.
  • Attendance at and preparation of Reports to support the function of audit and risk.
  • Renewal Commentary: in response to terms received from current insurers in the context of your peers and insurance available to the Sector.

Risk Analysis:

  • JCT clauses review: In conjunction with in-house development team and more recently JCT 6.5.1.
  • Analysis of change of insurance market conditions: The potential impact in the renewal terms proposed and change of insurer.
  • Total Cost of Risk: Your provider will offer alternative quotations for excess level options but will not generally consider the wider implications for you. We can assist in calculating the total impact of these changes in terms of financial and administrative cost.
  • Review of white goods warranty requirements in respect of market rent and outright sale portfolio.
  • Review of environmental insurance for partial stock transfers.
  • PFI Project review.
  • Review of latent defects insurance options.
  • Review of contracts for multimillion pound development programme.
  • Review of right to light insurance proposal, chancel liability insurance

Tailored Projects & Assistance:

  • Merger due diligence work around the adequacy of the potential partner's General insurance programme, insurance claims and optimum strategy for consolidating the two programmes.
  • Risk transfer and retention review for risks transferred into the Association or now subcontracted: property maintenance, surveying, building and repairs work.
  • Evolving programme sense check: should the addition of specific developments just be incorporated within the existing policy.
  • Sub-Contractor Insurance Project Management including data collection management and quality control of subcontractor's insurance limits.